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Passport Services


Integration of Embassy of India, Asuncion with Global Passport Seva Project (GPSP) has been successfully implemented w.e.f 22.12.2022. All Indian nationals residing in Paraguay can access the new Passport Seva System to avail Passport services at the link: https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in  


Steps to apply for Passport & Consular  Services
(Ordinary Passport/Official Passport/Diplomatic Passport/Emergency Certificate/Police Clearance Certificate)
Step 1: Open link online https://embassy.passportindia.gov.in
Step 2: Click on Paraguay applicant shall be directed to a new page link,linkhttps://portal5.passportindia.gov.in
Step 3: Register yourself by clicking register link
Step 4: Login using the USER ID & PW
Step 5: In the “Applicant Home Page”, click on the service required for i.e.: "Apply for Ordinary Passport/Official Passport/Diplomatic Passport/Emergency Certificate/Police Clearance Certificate) link to fill a new application.
Step 6: After successful submission of the online application form, the applicants are required to take a print out of their application form and carry out the following:
(a) Fill up blank columns, if any, in the application form.
(b) Affix the signature/thumb impression.
(c) The signature/thumb impression will be printed in the passport. Therefore, it must be kept strictly within the box, without touching the boundaries.
(d) Affix your recent coloured photograph (white background with size 2” X 2“) and signature at the designated place.
Step 7: Submit the printout of the application along with required documents at the Embassy. Embajada de la India, Avenida General Bernardino Caballero 249, Asuncion, Paraguay. Application form can be submitted between 1000 hrs to 1200 hrs on working days at the Embassy’s counter.
Step 8: Once the application is accepted, the applicant can make the payment for the services. The applicant can either go to the ITAU BANK and deposit the fees physically. For this payment method, a chalan will be issued to the applicant. In case the applicant wants to make an online payment, he/she can deposit the prescribed fee in the Embassy’s bank accounts as per details given below:

Passport/Consular Fees and ICWF fees should be deposited in respective accounts as per details given below-

Passport/Consular Fees

Account No.               : 400004272
Name of Account     : Embajada de India
Name of Bank            : Banco ITAU Paraguay  
                                       S.A., Asuncion, Paraguay
SWIFT                          :UBBRPYPX
RUC of Mission          : CD 186-3-5753-22

(ICWF Fees)

Account No.               : 400004558
Name of Account     : Embajada de India
Name of Bank            : Banco ITAU Paraguay  
                                       S.A., Asuncion, Paraguay
SWIFT                          :UBBRPYPX
RNC of Mission          :CD 186-3-5753-22
* After the payment is done, please share the confirmation of the payment/transaction ID at cons.asuncion@mea.gov.in

NOTE: Applicants are required to attach self-attested photocopies of all the required documents with the application form. Original documents must be produced at the counter, which will be returned after verification.

Check-List for Fresh Passport/Re-issue of passport

  • Current Passport along with Copy of first and last page of the current passport.
  • Copy of the current valid visa or Residence card.
  • Recent Photograph of 2”x2” size with white background.
  • In case of change of address in India - necessary proof is to be provided for revising the address. Any of the documents water bill, electricity bill, gas bill, Income Tax Assessment order, Telephone bill (landline or postpaid mobile), Aadhaar Card, Election ID Card, Spouse passport copy with new address etc.
  • In case of addition of spouse name - marriage certificate or declaration to be submitted by the applicant.
  • Change of name after marriage for women. Declaration as in ANNEXURE G
  • Proof of Address in Paraguay.

 Documents Required




Additional Document Required

Mandatory Documents


Passport Reissue

Expiry within 3 years


1. Application form
2. Original Passport and self-attested copy with endorsement and observation pages.
3. Residence proof (Valid visa/Resident permit)
4. 2 Recent Photos (5cmx5cm, white background)


Lost passport

Police Report of stolen passport with full details, Annexure F, Undertaking for duplicate passport in lieu of lost passport, Applicant to come in person


Passport expired for over 1 year

Affidavit M


Change of ECR status

Copy of diploma (Grade 10 and above)/Professional Degree/ Proof of permanent residence


In case of Minor Applicant

Original and self-attested copies of Parents' passport, Application form signed by both parents, Declaration for change of appearance, Annexure C (In case of single parent), Annexure D (signed and filled by both parents)


Minor changes in laminated pages (splitting of name, change of signature, change of appearance, Change of address)

Annexure O, Supporting document (mandatory in case of change of address)


Name change subsequent to Marriage/Divorce/ Re-marriage/Death of spouse etc

Original and Copy of Spouse Passport, Original and Self attested copy of marriage certificate, Divorce decree (for name change subsequent to divorce), Death certificate of spouse (for name change after death of spouse), Copy of divorce/death certificate with former spouse along with marriage certificate and passport copy of present spouse (in case of remarriage)


Minor correction (spelling), Rearrangement in Name

At least 2 latest public/school documents with desired name


Name changes other than above/ Married woman reverting to maiden name when not divorced or widowed

Original cutting of advertisements given in 2 prominent newspaper (one in place of residence in host country and the other in area of permanent residence in India), Annexure E


Addition/Deletion of Spouse name

Original and self attested copy of marriage certificate, Divorce decree/ death certificate of spouse (In case of deletion), Both marriage certificate and divorce/death certificate (In case of remarriage)


Fresh Passport for Minor

Original and self-attested copy of parents' passports, Present address (if different from one in passport), Annexure C (single parent), Annexure D (Both parents), Copy of Birth Registration (issued by Mission)

In case of a lost passport, police report of loss of passport, a sworn affidavit regarding the loss of passport, and the photocopy of the lost passport should be submitted. If the photocopy of the lost passport is not available, any other document issued to the applicant in India such as driving License, ration card, voters Identity Card, etc. could be submitted.
Affidavits & Annexures: Click Here

Processing Time
Time taken for the passport to be delivered will depend on the time taken by the security agencies in India to clear the application. However, approximately time taken is 45 days from the day of accepting the application with all the necessary document.

Fees for Passport Services


Type of Passport service

(Banco ITAU Paraguay)   A/C 400004272

ICWF FEES (Banco ITAU Paraguay)   A/C 400004558


For issue of Ordinary Passport containing 36 pages with a maximum validity of 10 years (also applicable to minors in the age group of fifteen to eighteen years).




For issue of Ordinary Passport containing 60 pages valid for 10 years (also applicable to minors in the age group of fifteen to eighteen years).




For issue of Ordinary Passport containing 36 pages with a maximum validity of 5 years for minor children below the age of 15 years.




Issue of a passport in lieu of a lost, stolen or damaged passport -36 pages




For issue of a 60-page booklet in lieu of a lost, stolen or damaged passport




Any miscellaneous service excluding those requiring issue of fresh passport booklet (PCC, Birth Certificate based on passport)




Surrender of Indian passport and renunciation of Indian citizenship




Emergency Certificate



For any clarification, kindly contact +595 212 378400; Email: cons.asuncion@mea.gov.in